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Problem Solving & RCA Essentials-FacilitatorTraining

Problem Solving & RCA Essentials-Facilitator

There is knowledge and experience within the organization, as well as Problem Solving & RCA skills. However, sometimes you don't achieve results because there is a lack of coordination. Are you missing the skills to maintain an overview, steer in the right direction, or collaborate effectively? Then choose this Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis Essentials-Facilitator training. Here, you will learn how you can make a difference as a facilitator in a Problem Solving or RCA session.

For whom

You have mastered the Problem Solving Pitstop methodologies from our Problem Solving & RCA trainings. You want to learn how to play a coordinating role in problem solving or RCA sessions with a group of experts. You want to learn how to facilitate the process to achieve solutions and results effectively.


  • You will guide the experts through the problem solving & RCA process (Problem Solving Pitstop or RATIO).
  • You will help others in the team to gather facts more sharply and specifically.
  • You will ensure that information is visualized and structured.
  • You will ensure efficient sessions with concrete actions, measures, and results.

Training content Problem Solving & RCA - Essentials Facilitator training

In this 1-day Essentials Facilitator training, the emphasis is on practice. You will learn to apply the problem solving and RCA methods you already know with a group of experts. You will learn to take on coordination and trust the process. You will receive personal feedback during the exercises. Topics we cover include:
- Listening and questioning skills
- Organizing and leading sessions
- Motivating and involving experts
- Following the process without needing to contribute your own knowledge
- Preventing the process from getting stuck
- Ensuring progress and results
- Become a certified Problem Solving & RCA - Essentials Facilitator


We recommend a maximum of 6 participants per training. In this way, we can carry out practical exercises in groups of 3 participants, for example. Would you like to be the rock that the group relies on? Request a customized training tailored to your organization and situation. If you are unsure about your methodical knowledge, feel free to call or email us for clarification.

Here's what Daniël Bal, Continuous Improvement Advisor at EPZ, says: "I have already applied what I have learned several times in practice. Mainly in my role as a coordinator, I approach the issue and analysis differently. I am able to support the analyst in staying within the scope; the pitfall is often making the analysis much larger than intended!"

Why CoThink Problem Solving & RCA Essentials-Facilitator training

  • More control, more structure, more results
  • Learn from highly experienced RCA-Facilitators
  • Proven method that can be applied immediately.

Training overview

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Group size
A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding this.

The 1-day training usually takes place from 9am-5pm. Costs approximately €595,- per participant, excluding VAT, also depending on the total number of participants.

More options
This training works optimally when it is conducted in the participants' own work environment. Other preferences regarding the training location are also possible. Before the training, we are happy to discuss customizing it according to your internal company and team goals.

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