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Analytical Thinking Skills for Young ProfessionalsTraining

Analytical Thinking Skills for Young Professionals

Develop your talents, grow towards your future

Leadership is about personal development. How do you skillfully navigate between different interests and translate the company's vision into priorities and the right direction.

Successful managers stand out by:
  • problem-solving
  • self-management
  • decision-making

You want to keep control in the daily complexity and grow. Less hassle, more quality, ownership, and scoring.

Whether you are an up-and-coming talent or have already gained experience, the process from finding a solution to making a decision is often complex and time-consuming. You make a crucial difference by providing clarity. The difference between what is essential and what is not, facts from opinions, cause and effect, and being able to organize the involvement of stakeholders.


You want to further develop as a leader, improve in your steering and coaching role. Whether you are working towards strategic goals, handling difficult situations with a team, dealing with customer complaints, or resolving operational disruptions, you want to effectively communicate your message in a structured way. That is what effective leaders do.

This training is for ambitious professionals and leaders who want to take another step in their development. A recommendation? A must!

4 separate days to get the most out of the training by completing practical assignments in between with scheduled coaching moments.

Training content

Imagine how great it would be to have extra tools for this. To understand complex situations and visualize their impact. To learn how to address political sensitivities more easily and prevent resistance.

Learn to unravel facts and discover the real causes. By doing so, you will be more confident and able to quickly make the right decision. Making complex issues transparent, simple, and visual is extremely valuable for communication and understanding for everyone involved. You will build trust that the job will get done.


In the Analytical Thinking Skills for Young Professionals training, you will receive a strong foundation. You will learn how to make complexity manageable with useful tools.
  • You will effectively communicate your message in a structured and successful manner
  • You will achieve more results with less energy
  • You will be able to persuade with influence and support
  • You will become proficient in unraveling and visually representing complexity

Training overview

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Group size
On average, the group size per training is 12 participants.

The training requires investment in time and money. Prior to the 4-day on-site training, you will study a number of e-learning modules from a total of 2.5 hours of study. The training costs € 2.100.-. This amount includes lunch but does not include VAT.

More options
We also provide this training in-company and in Dutch. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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