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WEBINAR - Problem Solving PitstopWebinar

Problem Solving Pitstop - interactive live-broadcast

Are you ready for a Problem Solving Pitstop? In this free webinar, Martijn and Jan Willem will tell you how this will help you.

You've probably seen it before: a team that changes 4 tires in a few seconds during a car race! That gave our problem solvers a new idea: the Problem Solving Pitstop.
A good start is half the battle, especially with problem solving! Do you have a difficult problem to solve? Don't forget the hour-long sessions, thick reports and a trial & error approach. Rather start with a Problem Solving Pitstop, because that will get you to the core within 30 minutes and you can choose the right actions.

The main ingredients are

    • Collect & visualize facts
    • Finding & visualizing causes
    • Agree & visualize actions and measures
    That doesn't sound very complex, does it? It's not, but it does require some structure and skill. Wondering how this is going to help you? Then contact us for more information about the ingredients of the Problem Solving Pit Stop.

    Training overview
    Highly recommended! Have followed this webinar today... Marijke Cramer-Quality Engineer

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    This webinar is free and lasts 45 minutes. See the calendar for dates. We also give webinars in Dutch. 

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