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Major Incident ManagementTraining

next level Training Major Incident Management & Problem Solving

Technologies, functionalities and organizational structures are becoming more complex. And with that, incidents and problems. Major incident management is becoming more and more important. Do you want to get even better in dealing with incidents and complex problems and confidently tackle the biggest crises? Take your skills to the next level with major Incident Management. A training specific to ICT organizations. 12 days + e-learning for ICT organizations Get even better in your approach to incidents and problems Register online!

For whom?

The training is intended for ICT professionals who have a leading role in resolving incidents and complex problems. Such as: (major) incident managers, crisis managers and problem managers.


  • You can deal with the complexity of problems, solutions or systems.
  • You can effectively lead and structure during a major incident.
  • You can apply AND facilitate RATIO methods, even under time pressure.
  • An efficient approach to incidents and problems.
  • Motivation and mobilization of involved experts.

Major Incident Management (MIM) Training Content

This training is entirely focused on ICT and the challenges that come  with it. You get all the tools to solve major incidents and problems under high pressure. Even if it is really complex. You will learn structure, methodologies and skills. And you do a lot yourself. So you can perform even better, just when it comes down to it.

MIM training structure

The MIM training consists of 12 days. We also work with e-learning modules. They require another 16 hours of your time.
The training structure:
- Intake: Setting your specific learning goals
- 5 x 2 days training and home work assignments
- Final evaluation: Presentation to your management
- Check-out: Put your skills into practice under our guidance

Get even better in major incident management

Do you want to get even better in tackling major incidents? Then take our major Incident Management training, specifically for ICT organizations. We will then tailor the training to your organization and your situation. Would you rather have more information first? Please feel free to contact Martijn Maas to discuss the possibilities. 


  • More direction, more structure, more result
  • Learn from highly experienced major incident managers
  • Proven method, directly applicable

Training overview

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We tailor this training

Call or mail us for major Incident Management training opportunities.

Group size
The group size is on average 6 participants per training.

This training requires an investment in time and money: € 6,200,-. This amount includes lunch and dinner package, all materials, but excluding VAT.

More options
We also organize this training in-company and in Dutch. It is also possible to adapt the content of the training to the specific situation and wishes of your organization. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us.

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