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Major Incident ManagementTraining

next level Training Major Incident Management & Problem Solving

Confidently you are at the helm; motivate experts and stakeholders, and your major incident team works together efficiently. You come up with targeted and rapid mitigation measures based on expertise from those involved. The team trusts you to coordinate timing and division of roles so that the process does not get bogged down and communication with stakeholders remains effective at all times. For the client, you minimize the negative impact of the major incident and your proven approach reassures the organization. Sound good? Our Major Incident Management training is where you learn this, and more.
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For whom?

The Major Incident Management training is intended for high-tech and ICT professionals who have a leading role in resolving incidents and complex problems. Such as: (major) incident managers, crisis managers and problem managers. For both new - and experienced major incident managers who want even more confidence when dealing with major incidents.

Results for you

  • You lead effectively by applying a proven, structured and powerful process during a major incident.
  • You facilitate and apply effective methodologies - even under time pressure. You recognize different types of information and know how to place it directly within the methods.
  • You help your team to think clearly, confidently and critically under time pressure.
  • You can deal with the complexity of incidents, problems, solutions or systems.
  • You deal with the consequences of an incident as quickly as possible.
  • You involve and motivate experts.
  • You communicate effectively and purposefully with the problem owner and other stakeholders.
  • Your client and your own organization trust you as a major incident manager.

Results for your organization

  • Shorter resolution times of Major Incidents
  • Longer availability of services
  • Higher customer confidence
  • Improved market or competitive position

Major Incident Management (MIM) Training Content

You get all tools to solve major incidents and problems in the ICT or high-tech sector under high pressure. Also when it is really complex. You learn structure, methods and skills. And you do a lot yourself. So that you perform even better, just when it matters.

MIM training structure

The MIM training consists of 5 training days. In addition, we work with video based e-learning modules. These require another 4 hours of your time.
Structure of the training:
- Video based e-learning to master the theory of the main concepts and methods (2 hours)
- Independent assignment to practice what you learned in the e-learning (2 hours)
- 5 training days (2 times 2 days, and 1 time 1 day)
- Interim assignments between blocks (2 hours per block)

Training Topics

- Preventing the most common pitfalls in MIM
- Event Mapping methodology: effectively create a visualization of an incident
- Problem Analysis: using logical deduction and fact-finding to find causes
- Effectively define and coordinate actions and measures during an M.I.
- Understand how our brain works under pressure, recognize and avoid common thinking errors (biases)
- Motivating and involving experts, dealing with resistance and emotion
- Communicate effectively with stakeholders and the problem owner
- Understanding and working with different international cultures during a Major Incident
- Powerfully lead online sessions

Why this training?

At CoThink, we have now resolved hundreds of major incidents and taken the major incident management process in several organizations to the next level.

We believe in learning by doing. That's why we combine concepts and theory with, above all, lots of practice. We reflect everything we offer in the training on your specific situation. ITIL already tells you who should do what and when in case of an incident. But ITIL does not tell you how to do it properly. That is precisely what is so important when the time pressure is high and the problems are more complex. We teach you this in our challenging training Major Incident Management. Feel free to contact Martijn Maas to discuss the possibilities.


  • More direction, more structure, more result
  • Learn from highly experienced major incident managers
  • Proven method, directly applicable

Training overview

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We tailor this training

Please call or mail us if you would like to coordinate Major Incident Management training opportunities first.

Group size
The group size is on average 6 participants per training.

The training requires an investment in terms of time and money and includes all materials and video-based e-learning. Please let us know your preferred dates and any additional preferences.

More options
We offer this in-company training in both Dutch and English. The content of the training can also be customized to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Please feel free to contact us.

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