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Problem Solving & Decision Making Training

training problem solving & decision making

Do you think about solving problems and making decisions within your organization? And do you want to increase the analytical and creative thinking power of yourself and your employees? Follow our training Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM). You will improve your critical thinking skills and your leadership skills in solving problems and tackling complex topics. This will help you grow your organization. 4-day training improve your thinking and become a leader in complex issues and decision making Register online!

For whom

The PSDM training is intended for managers and employees who think along with problem solving & decision making, such as executives, professionals, managers and project leaders. We always have room for up to 12 people.


  • You can find causes of complex problems
  • You will use all the knowledge and experience of your team
  • You make well-founded decisions and set clear priorities
  • You use analysis tools to support your conclusions
  • You analyze risks’s and take targeted countermeasures
  • You are able to produce a concrete action plan couples
  • You are able to draw up a concrete action plan

Contents training Problem Solving & Decision Making

The PSDM training is a mix of theory, practical examples and exercises. You can apply the learning immediately in your own work. You will learn the RATIO approach. That's the best way to get people to look at things the same way, even if they don't (yet) agree with each other. Various methods are discussed, such as context Assessment, Event Mapping, Eisenhower Diagram, problem Analysis, Human Factor Analysis, Decision making and Risk Analysis.

The 4-day training is offered as an open enrollment and customized in-company program. Before the training you follow a number of e-learning modules (12 months unlimited access).

Structure of the 4-day training

Block 1
Day 1 - Introduction problem solving and The RATIO model. You will start working with the context Assessment, Event Mapping and the first part of problem analysis. After the theory we will practice directly.
Day 2 -Today part 2 of Problem Analysis is on the program. We practice a lot again and discuss the crucial roles in problem solving and question skills. Practical examples are worked out between blocks 1 and 2.
Block 2
Day 3 - We will discuss the practical assignments, we will deepen the methods of Block 1 and you will learn to apply the Human Factor Analysis.
Day 4- You will learn everything about organizing a decision-making process with support, how to implement it and a unique step in the risk analysis process.

You will receive a certificate as proof of competence.

Also choose our RATIO approach

Are you looking for a thorough and sustainable approach to solve problems and issues within your organization? You will learn it in our innovative Problem Solving & Decision Making training. This RATIO approach works.
Register today for the open training iPSDM. Book your preferred date. Or choose an in-company training. Would you rather have more information first? Please feel free to contact contact us.

Why CoThink

  • More direction, more structure, more results
  • Learn from highly experienced facilitators
  • Proven method, directly applicable

Training overview
The most complex problems seem to be soluble after the training and therefore a challenge or simply fun.
PSDM training - Applicable in work and private, Skills For Life!

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4-Day Training Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM)
Contact us to discuss the most suitable training dates, classroom or in-company.

Group size
On average, the group size per training is 12 participants.

The training requires investment in time and money. Prior to the 4-day on-site training, you will study a number of e-learning modules from a total of 2.5 hours of study. The training costs € 2.100.-. This amount includes lunch but does not include VAT.

More options
We also provide this training in-company and in Dutch. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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