Solving problems is teamwork

Complex problems in organizations are often less about technology than you may think. Our work is about thinking processes, the difference between emotion and facts, improve cooperation, communication and asking the right questions. In short: problem solving and prevention is about people. We work with that focus. Our goal: to inspire people to grow and to help them become more effective in their work. You can also see that in our culture: we are pragmatic, have a drive, are clear to each other and our clients, and like to keep it measurable and concrete.

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What we value

We like to make the complex simple. We believe that problems are solved faster and more effectively if people work pragmatically and transparently. So don't expect thick reports or lengthy meetings, but clear agreements, a lot of interaction and working on issues that really play a role in your organization. In short: roll up your sleeves and enjoy working together. CoThinking!

What you can expect of us

We always provide overview and structure. In our services, in our methods and communication.

Our work only makes sense if it is effective in your organization. We link theory to practice, we always provide context and continue until the goal is reached. We prefer standing in the mud with you in stead of watching from the side-lines.

We believe in people and their ability to keep growing. We love helping people get the best out of themselves. We just say "you" and we are always curious about the stories, ways of thinking and structures within organizations.

We enjoy our work and hope it inspires and motivates you to become even better in your work. We go for active and energetic and share our enthusiasm about our expertise in blogs, during training and Events, on our website…. shortly in everything we do.

Why choose CoThink
  • a fine balance between thinking and doing
  • learning based on current cases
  • a safe environment where everyone is heard
  • a lot of insight into your own working method
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how we
to work!

Our people

Ron (nieuw)
Ron (nieuw)
Ron Vonk
Managing Partner & senior Facilitator
+31 6 13 14 09 72
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Difficult problem or complex decision making? Call me...
Jan willen (nieuw cropped)
Jan willen (nieuw cropped)
Jan Willem Vernhout
Managing Partner & senior Facilitator
+31 6 13 14 09 79
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The more difficult the problem
the more it motivates me
Dees (nieuw)
Dees (nieuw)
Désirée Veldhuis
Facility-office assistant
+31 341 493 534
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I organize everything with a sunny mood and a musical note.
Bart (nieuw)
Bart (nieuw)
Bart Smit
Senior Trainer/Facilitator
+31 6 13 13 79 78
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Love to jump to the right conclusions for all others I use RATIO!
Alex (nieuw)
Alex (nieuw)
Alex Brouwer
Trainer/Facilitator en Consultant
+31 6 54 28 88 34
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I'm the big brother of Sherlock Holmes...
Henriette (nieuw)
Great results are achieved with Teamwork ..... makes the Dream Work !
Jaap Trouw
Complex Problem Solver | Trainer
+31 6 82 78 38 84
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Life happens at the edge of your comfort zone.
Markus pasfoto
Markus pasfoto
Markus Hesse
Managing Partner Germany & senior Facilitator
+49 (0) 6220 398 129
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Same old Thinking = Same old Results
René Obbes
Facilitator | Trainer | Consultant
+31 6 53 34 05 08
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The more you get through, the more you start to see ... and it goes on and on...
Monique (nieuw)
nothing wrong with check double check, count on me!
Stuart Mackie
Senior Consultant & Facilitator
+49 (0)6220 398 129
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“the only constant, is change.”
Ilse (nieuw)
transfer from theory to your daily work...
michael pasfoto
michael pasfoto
Michael Clauss
Managing Partner & Senior Coach and Facilitator
+49 (0)6220 398 129
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I help you improve problem solving skills

partnerships and network

Our partner organizations are experts with their own specialties, reliable solutions and services. By bringing these together we achieve even more results. That is why CoThink likes to work with the partners below. Do you also want to work together? Then do not hesitate to contact us.


Projecten & Trainingen
Maintenance Academy
Toepassingstraject & Training
Adviseren, Leren, Doen in kwaliteit in IT
Flexibele inzet kennis & capaciteit
Empower - Execute - Evolve (DE)
Koninklijk Instituut Van Ingenieurs


Former participants in the Reliability & Maintenance Engineering (R&ME) programme meet once a year on a alumni day. The alumni is a network for the exchange of both specialistic and generic knowledge and experiences.

Is an active network of trained facilitators. These are enthusiastic Facilitators in RATIO Methods. We organize FIRM meetings twice a year to share knowledge and experiences. Inspiration and new insights assured.


Here you will find a small selection of our customers. We are proud that these organizations hire our expertise. Such as facilitating problems, streamlining processes and systems, improving cooperation and of course our practical training.

Friesland Campina
Tata Steel
Hoogheemraadschap Rijnland
gemeente Groningen
gemeente Leeuwarden
Douwe Egberts
Smurfit Kappa
Strukton Rail
Volker Stevin Materieel
Trivium packaging
justitie veiligheid