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Problem Solving & RCA - AdvancedTraining

Advanced Problem Solving & RCA

You have mastered and applied the essential problem solving skills and methodologies. The next step is to solve recurring high-impact problems. That requires a thorough and effective approach: RATIO. In this training you will develop your skill even further and explore the methods you already know from the Essentials training and problem solving Pitstop. In addition, this training will provide you with additional steps and methods. This enables you to solve problems even more effectively and efficiently, even in the case of recurring, persistent, high-impact problems.

For Whom

This training is for professionals and managers in quality, maintenance, process & production, incident & problem management and HSE who are dealing with (structural) problems or high impact incidents. As a pre-training you have completed the Problem Solving & RCA Essentials training.


  • You can create a razor sharp problem visualization and definition
  • You know the causes of structural problems and prevent recurrence
  • You know how to get the maximum use of your collegues' knowledge and experience
  • You're prefenting `jumping to conclusions'
  • You can capture and transfer complex problems clearly
  • You distinguish yourself as an expert in problem solving

Advanced PS & RCA Training Content

In this hands-on training you deepen your problem solving skills even further. The basis of the training is THE RATIO approach. This enables you to effectively address complex, recurring, high-impact problems. This means not only defining the problem sharply and finding causes, but also implementing measures and ensuring results.

The methods Event Mapping and problem Analysis you already know will be extended and applied to more complex problems. In addition, you will get at least 1 extra method from THE RATIO toolbox. Human Factor Analysis: To investigate the causes of human failure without compromising debt demand or Data Analytics: To verify and collect information using data.

This challenging training is a mix of theory with many practice exercises. This allows you to apply what you learn directly to your work. Before the training you will follow a number of e-learning modules (12 months of unlimited access) and work out a case.

Training structure

The classroom version of this training lasts 2 days and is offered as an open enrollment in our training room in Ermelo and as a custom made in-company program. We always have space for 12 participants.
The online version of this training consists of 4 sessions of 3 hours. During these online sessions, participants have a lot of interaction with the trainer. We do the exercises in groups through break-out sessions, of course also online.
In the agenda you will recognize which training courses are online, and which regular classroom training are.
You will receive the Advanced Problem Solving & RCA certificate at the end of the day. With this certificate in the pocket his certificate you can progress to problem solving & RCA Leadership training.

Why THE RATIO approach?

RATIO is innovated by years of practical experience and scalable from small to large, complex problems. RATIO adds a practical “how" to the “who, what, when" of existing processes. The result: Maximum logical thinking ability to make clear analyzes and decisions and to arrive at targeted risk assessments.

- uses logical thinking power
- complies with the IEC 62740 standard for Root Cause Analysis
- visual approach for faster insights
- designed to facilitate effective collaboration
- stimulates learning ability
- saves time and money

That’s why CoThink

- More direction, more structure, more results
- Learn from very experienced problem solvers
- Proven method, immediately applicable

Training overview

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Select a start date

19 October 2020
Online English
Training days
Start - October 19, 2020
Day 2 -October 22, 2020
Day 3 -October 27, 2020
Day 4 -October 30, 2020

The online sessions are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM CET. Webmeeting using Microsoft Teams.

10 November 2020
Classroom Dutch
Training days
November 10 & 11, 2020 from 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM CET.

Mariënhoef 9a in Ermelo, The Netherlands

17 November 2020
Online English
Training days
Start - November 17, 2020
Day 2 -November 19, 2020
Day 3 -November 23, 2020
Day 4 -November 26, 2020

The online sessions are from 13:00 PM to16:00 PM CET. Webmeeting using Microsoft Teams

Group size
The group size is on average 12 participants per classroom training and up to 6 participants in the online training.

The investment for participating this classroom or online training is € 1.125,-, VAT excluded. Invitation to the online session will be sent to you well in advance by the trainer.
We organize the catering. Any accommodation costs are at your own expenses. If you wish, we can arrange the accommodation for you. Please indicate this on the registration form. Click on the yellow sign-up button and register online.

More options
We can provide this training as a (customized) in-company training in Dutch, English, German or French. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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