Do you think that Problem Solving is one of the most important skills that needs to be further developed and maintained, but does organizing it prove difficult and costly?

With the E-Learning version of the world-class RATIO Problem Solving approach we make it easier for you.

Based on the "learning by doing" philosophy at the heart of our approach, there is now the interactive E-Learning version of RATIO Problem Solving/Root Cause Analysis with the modules below.
  • Efficient data collection
  • The interaction and communication of Problem Solving
  • General problem definition: CoThink Event Mapping, theory & practice
  • Detailed Problem Analysis in 5 steps, theory & practice

Each module takes (on average) 30 minutes and can easily be combined with modules with content from your company, training in the group and further exercises.

With this content, we believe it is an ideal solution to develop the ability to solve problems/failures/incidents. Think for example of Installation and Asset Managers, Field Service Engineers, Incident and Problem Managers including Help Desk employees and of course Product Managers, Design Engineers and Production teams.

E-Learning simplifies the logistics and organization of basic training compared to classroom training. An additional advantage is that each module can be repeated as many times as needed, without extra costs.
  1. Access to online training whenever and wherever you want, anywhere in the world.
  2. Everyone gets exactly the same training, but can also learn at their own pace.
  3. Easy and fast to train new people when they come into service
  4. Easy to re-train those who need it
  5. Exercises ensure a good basic level (knowledge & skills) in the methods
  6. Possibility to adapt examples to the specific characteristics of your company

The following demo gives a glimpse into this unique Problem Solving E-learning environment.

You develop real skills through practice and that is why the E-Learning version of RATIO Problem Solving already contains many practical exercises. This cannot replace real practical experience and for the best result we recommend a combination of E-Learning and coaching / training.

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