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Deepwater Horizon Blowout

On April the 20th 2010 the Deep Water Horizon encountered a blowout. The Blow Out Preventer should have prevented the following disaster but only partly worked. In this Event Map based on the US CSB animation we explain the chain of events. Bart Smit wrote a blog article about visualisation of the facts related to this accident (see here).

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How to become more antifragile

409258_273116752758244_212147665521820_650294_1085971618_n.jpgRobustness won't do to handle all the changes and problems you face, become antifragile! How, read this blog by Jaap Trouw

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New colleague Martijn Maas

He has already been with us for a month now, but we are proud to present our new colleague Martijn Maas!

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Rule of 3 in Problem Solving

Faced with a pressing problem, which answer do you choose? Find out in this new blog by Jaap Trouw.

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