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In its publication “The future of jobs” the World Economic Forum (WEF) identifies “Complex Problem Solving” as the most important job skill both today and looking ahead into the future. With our range of courses we develop and improve your personnel's problem solving, decision making and problem prevention skills. Our starting point is the selection of current problem issues in your business. It is precisely by working on their own complex problems that participants learn to apply the new skills in their own field. In this way we train your employees and solve real life problems at the same time.


The training courses have an interactive mix of theory, practice, feedback and direct application, using methods from “flipping the classroom” to “systematic teaching”. By working together on the issues, we promote teamwork and the use of existing knowledge and experience. In this way, participants learn to think critically and logically in order to solve problems and prevent problems from happening in the first place. Combined this with creative thinking, new solutions and opportunities to increase your effectiveness will always emerge. 

Our range of courses

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