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.Markers & post-its

CoThink Event Mapping post-its & Markers

You can now order our custom made CoThink Event Mapping post-its and famous Mr. Sketch markers, the essential tools for Root Cause Analysis!

CoThink Event Mapping post-its

CoThink Event Mapping is now even more stimulating with our custom made post-its. These post-its are used by our facilitators and can now also be used by you.
You can order the individual post-it blocks (with 50 pages each) for € 3.00 excluding VAT and shipping.

We also have a value pack of 20 blocks:

  • 9 Blue
  • 2 Light Green
  • 1 Dark Green
  • 4 Light Yellow
  • 2 Dark Yellow
  • 1 Red
  • 1 Purple

This pack costs € 55.00 excluding VAT and shipping.


The markers can be ordered in amounts of twelve. Any combination of Blue, Black, Green or Red is possible. 
A package of 12 markers costs € 33,00 excluding VAT and shipping.

Orderform markers & post-its

Please fill in the number of packages or post-its.

Please fill in the amount of markers.*

* We package and send in mutiples of twelve total.

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