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Problem Solving & RCA - LeadershipTraining

Problem Solving & RCA Leadership

Are you dealing with persistent problems in your organization? Problems that lead to (near) incidents, serious damage, high costs and a bad image? Follow our training Problem Solving & RCA Leadership. Here you will learn with a good RCA method facilitate experienced teams with experts in investigating and solving these problems 5 days + coaching ✓ With certification More direction, more structure, more results Sign up online!

For whom?

You have already learned good RCA basic skills in an RCA or PSDM training, but you want to get even better in working together and leading RCA’s. You also want to get the best out of your colleagues and are prepared to take control of the research team.

After the training you can

  • You can organize short effective RCA sessions in small teams to gain quick insight
  • You can organize and guide RCA sessions with multidisciplinary teams to find a problem down to the bottom
  • You provide clear and professional RCA fact sheets and RCA reports
  • You can work in different roles (problem owner, expert and independant facilitator)
  • You know the method and trust the process, no matter how difficult the problem may seem
  • You can set up the routine that’s helping colleagues analyze incidents faster and actually solve problems.

Contents training Problem Solving & RCA Leadership

This 5-day training consists of 2 blocks with coaching in between in carrying out practical assignments. You learn to master the method completely and receive professional and personal feedback on how you facilitate. Certification follows, after a real facilitation of a current problem in a company.

Structure of the training

Kick-off (1 day)
During the kick-off, we are again putting the finishing touches on what we have learned in methods. We discuss the basic principles for an effective RCA Facilitator.
Block 1
In two days plus one evening you will learn everything about the conceptual skills, methodical deepening and roles & responsibilities during sessions. You will practice a lot and you will get feedback right away.
Block 2
In two days plus 1 evening you will learn all the necessary facilitator skills: leading sessions, effective communication, personal effectiveness, dealing with resistance and preventing conflicts. Of course there is also a lot of practice in these two days in combination with the RCA methods.

You receive the "PS & RCA Facilitator" certificate as proof of competence. And be welcome in our Facilitator network: the FIRM.

Also become a certified PS & RCA-facilitator 

Do you like to become that critical and creative PS & RCA facilitator? Register today for the Problem Solving & RCA Leadership open training. Reserve your preferred date. Or choose an in-company training. We will then tailor the training to your organization and your situation. Prefer more information first? Please feel free to contact us.

Why CoThink

  • More direction, more structure, more results
  • Learn from highly experienced RCA facilitators
  • Proven method, immediately applicable

Training overview
By far the most useful training I've followed. RCA Facilitator H. Beeksma.
The training that changes your own perspective within the company and the perspective for the company in a positive way.

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Select a start date

3 September 2020
Training days
Day 1: September 3, 2020
Day 2 and 3: September 17 & 18, 2020
Day 4 and 5: October 6 & 7, 2020

The training takes place at our own training location, Marienhoef 9a, 3851 ST Ermelo.

20 October 2020
Training days
Day 1: October 20, 2020
Day 2 and 3: November 12 & 13, 2020
Day 4 and 5: December 1 & 2, 2020

The training takes place at our own training location, Marienhoef 9a, 3851 ST Ermelo.

Group size
The group size is on average 4 participants per training.

This training requires an investment in time and money: € 3,950,-. This amount includes lunch and dinner package, all materials, but excluding VAT.

Any accommodation costs are at your own expense. If you wish we can arrange the accommodation for you. Please indicate this on the registration form. Click on the yellow sign-up button and register online.

More options
We can also provide this training in-company and in Dutch. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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