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Much wrong in the youth care chain, a visual analysis

14-08-2018 Event Mapping is widely applicable. View the Event Map of the problems in the youth care chain here.

Wide applicability of Event Mapping

In short: Event Mapping is always useful to use if there is or was a discrepancy between a norm or expectation on the one hand and reality on the other. Think for example of a technical problem, a safety or environmental incident, a collaboration problem or a project that did not go well, etc. In all these situations it helps to structure the analysis and visualize it with an Event Map.
You can parse many-headed “monsters” into partial problems and cause and effect relationships become clear. But also matters that contributed and preventive measures that failed were automatically included in the analysis. Also useful: it immediately becomes clear what is and what is not (yet) known!

Problems in the Youth Care Chain

A good example of a non-technical problem is the analysis of problems in the Youth Care Chain. We visualized the situation using an Event Map based on an extensive article from the Leeuwarder Courant of June 5, 2018. The Event Map reads as a summary of the report "Chain failure in youth care" by social educator Harry Berndsen, on which the article is based. It also immediately appears that much is still unknown.
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The Event Map offers an excellent handle for determining follow-up actions. Actions to tackle known causes and prevent them in the future, but also actions for further analysis. Where underlying causes must be known to be able to determine effective measures.

Facilitating analyzes

CoThink is the frequently requested facilitator to act in complex problems or major incidents. Due to our name recognition, this now mainly happens in Industry and ICT, where technical failures usually played an important role. We also like to be challenged to help analyze completely different issues. For more information: ron.vonk@cothink.nl /contact.

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