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The world's 1st batch officially trained Major Incident Managers is a fact!

09-10-2023 5 talented Major Incident Managers (MIM) followed the Next Level Major Incident & Problem Solving course with great enthusiasm. In the coming weeks, they will facilitate an official checkout session as a kind of exam. This will be followed by an official closing with presentations from all participants. That is also the moment that I am allowed to hand over the certificates and facilitation sets.

Joost Kok, MIM’er at Fujitsu talks about what he has learned:“Be alert to assumptions and false information. When you go out with wrong information, there is a chance that you may conclude that you have fought with windmills“. Test extensively the information that comes on the table, keep checking whether something is a fact or not.”

The learning was of course about RATIO and its application in complex and stressful situations. We also practiced a lot with the corresponding skills such as dealing with group dynamics, dealing with different roles, thinking preferences, facilitating, dealing with resistance, preparing sessions etc. Also the 5 most essential skills of each MIM have been discussed extensively.

Nick Ruppert, MIM'er at Fujitsu about the learning process; "The training is very nice with the right mix between presenting and actively practicing the method yourself. The training has helped me to supervise Major incidents in a better way and by using the method I can find out more quickly where the problem is but also where the problem is not happening".

We organize this course in in-company (as now at Fujitsu), and in open registration.

Curious about the 5 essential skills of every professional Major Incident Manager? Then express your interest to Martijn Maas so he can tell you more or organize a webinar!

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