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Hall of shame of problems

Ever wondered how to express a problem properly? Beside knowing “how to do this” let’s have look on what to avoid. This article shares my "hall of shame" of problems. A bit tongue in cheek but I want to share an easy method to get rid of "the broken pump".

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Trump (and) the cause of climate change

The problem, the cause and the storyteller.

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7 habits to ruin your Root Cause Analysis (and how to avoid them)

Complex problems in your technical systems might appear less complex, if your facilitators were able to keep it simple. These 7 habits stand in the way of keeping it simple!

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4 principles to improve FMECA sessions and quality

Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Analysis is a convenient method to gather knowledge and experience about the behavior of your technical systems. FMECA sessions can be very motivating for your fellow workers because you share insights, learn new things. A skilled FMECA facilitator can make the difference. Key is a simple set of 4 principles.

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Want to predict and prevent major incidents? Stop looking for them!

Wouldn’t it be great if we all got warnings before a major incident occurs so that we can prevent them from happening? Sounds like science fiction perhaps, but it is not. We just need to start looking differently and use different tools. Below is the story of how we discovered what to do differently.

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Visual IS-IS NOT

A picture tells more than a thousand words and in most cases the message is completely clear. The art of a picture is to keep it simple. But Simplicity is difficult. Simplicity takes time. Simplicity takes blood, sweat and tears.

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Why it's so hard to accept the facts...

This blog is not about the result of the US elections, global warming or cybersecurity…it’s about day-to-day situations.

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What’s your problem?

Complex Problem Solving is THE skill we need in the coming years, at least that is what the World Economic Forum says. But what does Complex Problem Solving mean? Better, what does Problem Solving mean? Even better, what’s a problem and what’s a solution?

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How to get out of the State of Disorder, Problem Solving & the Cynefin Framework

This is the last part of a series of 5 blogs about the HOW of Complex Problem Solving & the Cynefin Framework. Here we try to fix the State of Disorder and come out of the Zone of Assumptions.

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Different impact

In part 1 and part 2 of this 4 part series of blogs I outlined the importance of a unified interpretation of the term impact when we talk about change preparation. Specifically how different interpretations of the word "impact" can lead to significant increase in risk. We looked at impact from the point of view of technical impact versus business impact, limitations in scope, assumptions, documents vs real life. In this blog (part 3) I am going to outline 3 additional interpretations of the word impact and illustrate the risk involved; timing, business case and accountability.

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