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.Online problem solving training

Online problem solving training

Advanced Online Problem Solving Training

You are an individual wishing to develop your own problem solving/incident management skills?


You are a  manager struggling with the costs and practicalities of developing and maintaining such skills across your organisation?


With the E-Learning version of the world class RATIO problem solving approach we have made it much easier for you.


Based on the same “learning by doing” philosophy that has always been at the heart of our approach to problem solving training, the highly interactive E-Learning version of RATIO is focused on Incident Management and advanced Root Cause Analysis presently covering the following subjects:

Event Mapping: a highly visual proprietary methodology which allows you to organise/categorise all the information available about a problem situation and identify where deeper analysis is required  in a format which is particularly easy to share with others,  from the initial problem evaluation through to the choice of corrective measures, their implementation and validation

Is-Is Not Problem Analysis:  a rigorous, logic based methodology to quickly identify the most probable root cause of a specific cause-effect chain.

Characteristics & Changes: a particularly useful addition to IS-Is Not Analysis when you either have a very large range of possible causes to investigate (a typical situation when brainstorming techniques like the Fishbone diagram are used) or, more rarely, none at all.

Human Factor Analysis: when eliminating an undesirable behaviour and/or obtaining a desired behaviour is important, this thorough yet practical methodology designed to help you understand why people do the things they do, is certainly one of the most effective approaches available.


For complete details on all of these courses see the CoThink Academy website: 



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