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First think, then act. That is our starting point in implementing the RATIO approach in organizations. People often start with great enthusiasm about training employees, but when they come back from the skills training, the rest of the organization is not yet ready for the new approach. A new way of working requires a clear and well-supported implementation process. Your employees are also serious about starting the realization of these goals.


An implementation project starts with a reflection on the present and the desired situation. Here we look at achievable goals and connect with your current processes for solving problems. It offers a clear idea of ​​who will do what and when and who is responsible for what. The result:

  • SMART process objectives (what we want to achieve when and how are we going to celebrate)
  • RASCI table (who has what responsibility in the new process)
  • Skill Matrix (who must be trained to what level)
  • Adjustments for an effective work environment (both in the process and in information systems)
  • Communication Plan


With your strategy in mind, we decide together on the route to achieve this. A clear project plan describes the components of the change that will actually be implemented and executed. You have the control, we facilitate.


Now the work starts! The plan will be implemented and adjusted if necessary. Your employees will follow the training courses and at the same time it will be ensured that your work processes and working environment are organised in the best way to make use of the RATIO approach.


Much depends on your organization and your objectives. Reflection and Direction are accomplished in a limited number of sessions. After this there is a clear plan tailored to your situation and needs. If you would like more information, please contact us.

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