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Complex problems require objective and structured methods to efficiently solve and prevent problems. A CoThink Facilitator organizes that success. 

What exactly is the problem?

CoThink efficiently helps you to get to the point of the real issue. While management and the experts can focus on the content of an issue, the facilitator looks after the problem solving process itself and the people involved. He takes care of progress, resolves obstacles and keeps the overview by using structured methods from the RATIO approach.

The facilitator visualizes the situation, motivates and creates engagement, distinguishes between facts, feelings and opinions and achieves consensus. In this way, the team which is facilitated by the CoThink facilitator is able to work effectively towards a sustainable solution for the problems at hand. Here are some examples of situations where facilitation makes the difference, each with their dynamics:

  • Mapping of complexity of a situation, including organizational sensitivities
  • Determining the root causes and solutions of complex problems
  • Making a balanced proposal or making a choice
  • Developing plans and projects
  • Evaluation of (unsuccesfull) projects
  • Preventing problems and seizing opportunities
  • Conducting risk assessments.

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Would you like to solve problems efficiently, but different geographical locations prevent experts from working together in the same room? Problem solving can be done using FoIP (Facilitating over Internet Protocol). Would you like to know more about how FoIP works and what it can offer you? Contact us for a demonstration. 

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