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.Ron Vonk

Ron Vonk

Ron Vonk is managing partner and senior consultant at CoThink.

Ron has more than 20 years experience as a consultant and trainer in NL and abroad, particularly in industrial and IT companies. By training and the practice in the application of the (rational) methods, he helps organisations improve their performance. His biggest challenge and passion, however, concerns the application of methods themselves in the role of facilitator, for example in helping to solve really difficult problems or making difficult decisions.

After his military service Ron started his career as a consultant at Rijnconsult. He worked as a consultant for 5 years he was involved in consulting, coaching and training in the field of maintenance management in mainly technical and production departments of large industrial companies. In this period he also became acquainted with the rational thinking skills of Kepner-Tregoe, and acquired his license to be able to provide training.

When the international training and consulting firm Kepner-Tregoe (KT) decided to establish its new subsidiary in the Netherlands, Ron grabbed the chance to help shape the company. He then held various internal and international roles, but he also remained active as a trainer and consultant. After almost 8 years Ron left KT with Jan Willem Vernhout and Bert Visser to start CoThink.

Ron has studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical College in The Hague and Delft University, specializing in maintenance management. He has written a book and several articles on both management,maintenance and implementation of rational methods. He is also a regular speaker at seminars.
Together with his wife and three children, Ron lives in Renkum in The Netherlands. In his spare time, Ron plays golf, makes music or does DIY activities in and around his house. 

Contact: sent an e-mail to Ron or call +31 613 140 972.


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