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.Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Prevention is better than cure. As the old saying has it, preventing the occurrence of incidents or problems is usually better than solving them, no matter how well and quickly it is done. Certainly experience within IT organizations shows that the majority of ‘incidents’ and ‘problems’ originate in a ‘change’ that has unforeseen consequences. But also in any other (project-based) activity, things will in practice frequently go awry. Preventive and mitigation measures in a ‘change implementation’ or ‘project’ plan, based on a proper previous risk analysis, can make an important contribution to preventing this in the future. A simple but effective method for doing this will be taught In this one-day training course. 



The Risk Analysis training course has the following goals:

  • Gaining proficiency in the use of the method for Risk Analysis
  • How to ask the right questions for this and formulate the answers carefully and succinctly
  • Being able to translate the risk analysis into specific adjustments to a change implementation plan
  • Using the Risk Analysis template provided

The training course also aims to deliver some concrete Risk Analyses for planned activities, already during the workshop. 


Target Group

The target group for this training consists of everyone who is expected to be able independently  , with or without input from others,  to perform a risk analysis on, for example, planned activities, a project or a change implementation plan. 



The training includes a mix of theory, practical examples and exercises. In addition, there is much scope for its application to their own work. A Risk Analysis training course takes, on average, one day.  a formation est constituée d’un mélange de théorie, d’exemples et d’exercices pratiques, idéalement à partir de cas réels tirés de l'activité des participants.


During an initial discussion, we determine how the training course will be adapted to your organization and situation. For any questions or to make an appointment, please contact us. 


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