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.RCA-module Optimizer+

RCA-module Optimizer+

The RCA module for Optimizer+ is based on CoThink’s RATIO approach and was created by MaxGrip. With this module, you will have the best of support when solving problems and issues. In addition, your Root Cause Analysis (RCA) are linked to your Failure Mode, Effects and Critical Analysis (FMECAs), so that both analyses are even more powerful. The module contains both CoThink Event Map, as well as Problem and Human Performance Analysis and is further supported by an interactive action list.


The advantages of the RCA module in Optimizer+ include:

  • Readily detectable relationship between failure mode and maintenance for each asset
  • Your assets and analyses in one database
  • RCA data can be easily shared with colleagues and other departments
  • Reporting based on Toyota's A3 principle
  • Support for the continuous improvement of your asset management

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of the RCA module or the Optimizer+ suite? Please contact us.

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