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.RATIO Facilitator Training

RATIO Facilitator Training

In dealing with difficult issues, every effort is needed to make the best use of the knowledge and experience in your organization. This is only possible with a structured approach and the right methods. More importantly, with a critical and creative facilitator who supports and encourages the employees in their search for a solution. A ‘Motivactor’.

Facilitator's roles

  • Process Coordinator: organizes group sessions and acts as facilitator
  • MotivActor: mobilises the stakeholders and motivates the participants
  • Coach: Provides assistance with the right approach and in applying effective methods
  • Consultant: monitors the progress and quality of a study, safeguards and promotes its use within the organization and manages the tools


In your organization, the trained facilitators ensure:

  • Effective use of the knowledge and experience in your organization
  • Effective group meetings
  • Better results through careful analysis and creative solutions from group sessions
  • Better support for proposals and the consequent decisions

Participants will receive a certificate and can join our faciltator network: the FIRM.

Target group

This training course is intended for employees who want to increase their skills and confidence in effectively guiding groups. They should previously have taken part in an iRCA or iPSDM training course.


The training days include a mix of theory, practical examples and exercises with direct application to participants' own work.

  • Kickoff: Thinking preferences, individual learning objectives, facilitator's role
  • Module 1: Conceptual skills, deeper study of the RATIO method, role allocation for sessions
  • Module 2: Facilitator skills: managing sessions, effective communication, personal effectiveness and dealing with conflicts/resistance


The training course consists of five contact days, coaching in between the contact days and certification by a ‘check-out’ during a group session within a company. The training days include parts from the various modules and are as follows:

  • Block 1: 2 days, incl. evening
  • Block 2: 2 days, incl. evening
  • Coaching between these times
  • Certification

More information

In this brochure, you can find more information. Any questions? Please contact us.

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