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Latest Publications

CoThink congratulates Robert de Zeeuw

Robert de Zeeuw, RATIO facilitator of Janssen Biologics Leiden, was asked just before Christmas 2017 by the central Johnson & Johnson organization to facilitate a complex issue with huge impact at their supplier CIPLA in India: A recall of a  medicine.

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Want to predict and prevent major incidents? Stop looking for them!

Read the new blog by Martijn Maas about how to stop looking for major incidents in order to predict and prevent them...

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Visual IS-IS NOT

A picture says more than a 1000 words. And it helps with your IS-IS NOT questions!

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Why it's so hard to accept the facts...

Fail to achieve common understanding? No Result? Endless discussion, disappointment or even conflict and no progress?

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What's your problem?

So you want a solution for your complex problem? But what is a problem? And what does a solution look like?

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Get out of the state of disorder

Having problems and don't know how to solve it? Find your answer in this latest blog by Jaap.

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Different impact

In part 3 Martijn deals with the meaning of impact during a change and after a change. There's a difference! Read the full article here.

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