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.Martijn Maas

Martijn Maas

Martijn Maas (1973) is a facilitator, trainer and consultant at CoThink

My biggest passion is inspiring people to look at issues in a new way so that they are able to take the next step themselves. I consider making complexity simple as one of the main keys to improvement and growth. Insight + action = result!

Before I came on board at CoThink I in IT for 20+ years. Apart from a very broad technical IT background, I have gained a lot of experience in crisis management, incident, problem and change management, delivery / business management, unit management, offshore, LEAN and improve / change programs. This also enabled me to discover my passion for leadership, (organizational) psychology, as well as inspiring and awakening (intrinsic) motivation and talents of people.

In the past 3 years I have developed an innovative view on quality improvement in operational environments. An important part of this is restoring the balance between ‘ends’ and ‘means’. Particularly in IT, where complexity is continually increasing, I see this as a crucial step. My approach is rooted in the following concepts and ideas: Golden Circle (Sinek) Six Simple Rules (Morieux), First Follow (Sivers), Motivation (Pink), Situational Leadership (Hersey) and servant leadership (Lao-Tzu, Greenleaf).

The RATIO method CoThink is the common factor in my approach at all levels (operational, technical, organizational, disturbances, changes, etc.). I see RATIO as the 'HOW' between the ‘why’ and ‘what’ of ITIL.

My wife Tanja and I live in Hamont, Belgium. We love to explore the world together; goign sailing, hiking or discovering new culture. Tanja and I also share our passion for psychology. We're both certified psychotherapists and enjoy helping others in their process.

I let off steam on stage and in the studio; I am the bassist for the band Tigre Blanco. With Tigre Blanco I play a lot of festivals in theatre shows in the Netherlands. Occasionally we take a nice trip to play concerts abroad. I also take care of recording, mixing and mastering of our music; this is where my technical affinity and my creativity meet!

Contact: Send e-mail to Martijn or call +31 6 20 60 96 63

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