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.Jan Willem Vernhout

Jan Willem Vernhout

Jan Willem Vernhout (1969) is an executive partner and senior consultant.

My focus is supporting clients achieve tangible results and improve their organisations effectiveness. This means that in my daily work, I facilitate the change process and I am inspired by training and coaching people. I believe that a lot of knowledge and experience is available but often poorly used. Combining our systematic RATIO approach with the skills to activate people, we bring people forward in the best possible way.

In recent years I have gained extensive international experience in everything related to maintenance and production, manufacturing and IT. I get energy from a particularly challenging environment and feel at home in all levels of the organization.

I started my career at a major electricity producer where I worked during over 4 years in various roles. After this period I had a role for 5 years as consultant and manager services at Datastream Systems Inc.. Later I have further developed my skills and passion for Problem Solving & Decision Making, Operational Excellence & Lean as senior consultant at Kepner-Tregoe and in April 2008 we started CoThink bv.

I studied Applied Physics at the Hogeschool Enschede, I am licensed facilitator/trainer and certified project manager. I also find it fun to share my vision on project management, human development and application/implementation of critical thinking by writing articles and regularly speaking at seminars.

I live with my wife and two children in Lemmer where we enjoy the surrounding lakes during sailing trips. To maintain mentally and physically fit I do running/cycling. A challenging round of golf, is always fun. I volunteer weekly as a coach of a boys' hockey team E which is exciting and inspiring. As a board member of the  NVDO Friesland we organise meetings where members can share knowledge and experience.

Contact: send and e-mail to Jan Willem or contact +31 613140979

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