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.Dirk Vollenhoven

Dirk Vollenhoven

Dirk Vollenhoven (1954) is senior trainer/facilitator at CoThink.  

I’m fascinated by the way people think and communicate, how they build bridges. When all is settled and running perfectly there is no need to communicate much and there’s not a lot to learn. But when things are getting out of hand, when it becomes complex and there are high walls between disciplines, departments or companies, poor communication enlarges the problems.

This is not a matter of language skills or better listening. The key to success is the combination of precise observation, focus on problem and clear logical thinking. Then the communication will follow and help share insights and create a consensus for durable solution. Therefore I’m convinced that one should use a smart and proven methods to order and analyze problems. One should learn to ask questions, to share knowledge, learn how to avoid jumping to conclusions and nit lose focus on facts and rational reasoning. So often all the facts were there from the start of the problem but no one asked the right questions.

This is easily learned with RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) my favorite tools in clear thinking. With these tools I helped to solve problems, since 1997 in many industries like Shell, DSM and Sabic and GDF-Suez Cofely but also in smaller manufacturing enterprises.

Before 1997 I worked for the Dutch Railways and helped to develop Maintenance Management and output maintenance contracting. I studied Business, Economics and ICT and before that I was a language teacher specialized in drama and theater. Now I’m interested in philosophy and I live with my wife in Elst along the river Rhine in the middle of the Netherlands. 

Contact: Send an e-mail to Dirk or call +31 (0)6 5519 4936

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