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.Bert Visser

Bert Visser

Bert Visser (1954) is a partner and senior consultant / trainer / coach at CoThink.

His primary focus is designing and supervising programmess for organisational development. As a result, improving business performance by mobilising the "critical and creative thinking" skills. Bert supports various companies, especially where "people and technology" plays an important role.

With more than 20 years of consulting experience, he believes that people and organisations solve their own problems, provided that the right question is asked at the right time. Innovation occurs because existing views and ways of thinking are changed. This process requires a powerful supporting role, with disciplined and methodical approaches. Based on that vision and his enthusiasm for results, he inspires, advises, facilitates and he guides organisations and groups in:

  • The effective implementation of strategy: by change, risk, portfolio and project management.
  • The analysis and improvement of operations, the (re) structuring of the organization, especially for the Production and Asset Management areas.
  • The communication and cooperation, team development and personal effectiveness of employees. (Whole Brain Thinking)

Previously, Bert Visser worked for seven years as a partner with Kepner-Tregoe. He was founder and country manager of Kepner-Tregoe Netherlands and later European practice manager, Consumer Products. Previously, he worked for eleven years at Rijnconsult as senior advisor / coach / interim manager and was involved in projects in the field of Production and Asset Management, Housing and Facility Management.

Bert studied Civil Engineering and Business and followed the SIOO training for change management. In addition, he is licensed for Herrmann (Whole Brain Thinking and Team Development), De Bono (creative thinking) and Kepner-Tregoe (Analytical thinking)
Bert lives in Ermelo and is active in the NVDO and the local Rotary. His passions are classical music and playing guitar and piano.

Contact: Sent an e-mail to Bert or call +31 613 140 970

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