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.Bart Smit

Bart Smit

Bart Smit (1975) is facilitator/trainer at CoThink.

My passion is solving technical problems. By working together we can solve all technical problems. After working 8 years as a maintenance engineer at Tata Steel Ijmuiden I switched to CoThink. I made the choice to facilitate complex and structural problems beyond my knowledge and experience and to train clients from all types of industries.

At Tata I facilitated several teams who were struggling with complex problems. These could be all types of problems: poor quality, production loss, high maintenance costs and safety problems. This was in a hot strip mill, a state of the art process in an aged factory, upgraded time after time with all kind of hazards. Besides the challenging environment I enjoyed the working and hands on mentality of my colleagues from production, maintenance and quality.

I graduated at a poly technical school, specialisation operational technique. Hereafter I followed an additional course in business economics. The education was project based which laid the fundament for working together with my colleagues.

In 2002 I started working at the power plant of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam to facilitate the transition to the next power plant. After two years I switched over to MaxGrip as maintenance consultant. Together with the technical experts of the client we set up maintenance concepts and optimised them to the business objectives of the client. In 2005 I started working at Tata Steel in Ijmuiden in the hot strip mill.

I live with my wife and 2 dogs in Obdam. From here we can walk and sport with our dogs. After a day work I enjoy clearing my head by running and to stay fit for the coming challenge. As a volunteer I coordinate the maintenance of our local dog sport club (boxers) where we sport with our dogs and participate as a board member in the maintenance department of the Engineers Network KIVI.

Contact: Send an email to Bart or call: +31613137978

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