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.Albert Trip

Albert Trip (1959) is Master Black Belt at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and is a senior advisor with CoThink.

As a Master Black Belt Albert, is part of a comprehensive Lean Six Sigma improvement project at the UMCG. Albert's passion is coaching and motivating the project (Green Belts) and the facilitators (Black Belts) to ecourage to follow up on successful progress. He also holds a coordinating role in the overall project and gives training in Lean Six Sigma.

Albert has gradually developed from expert to coach. Prior to his position at the UMCG he worked for eleven years working as a statistical consultant for IBIS UvA. There he learnt the power of Lean Six Sigma. In recent years he was hired by Sara Lee / DE in Joure, to manage and improve processes with Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Previously Albert had a similar role at Philips in Stadskanaal. He initiated the internal consultancy CQM (Centre for Quantitative Methods for the purpose of applyiing satistics at Philips Eindhoven)

In 1983 Albert graduated in mathematical statistics at the University and in 2000 he graduated at the UvA. His research focuses on applications of statistics. He is co-author of two award-winning articles.

He enjoys gardening, but also the more passive hobby of reading. In addition, listening to classical music is a passion. The remaining time than is spent on local politics.

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